Assassin's Creed

I wound up not 100% paying attention to Assassin’s Creed, but the general feeling I got was that it’s not that good. It’s a little hollow, and there are some weird plot and editing choices. It does look pretty good, though.

I’m kind of fond of the Assassin’s Creed games, even though I’ve never played them. But I’ve seen them played through at least partially and they look cool. And I like Michael Fassbender, so I wanted to see this even though the reviews weren’t good. I wound up not really being able to pay attention to it, but I think I can tell it wasn’t good enough to be worth watching again.

It did look cool, for the most part. Not cool enough that I regret not seeing it in the theater, though. I liked the character design for the past. The clothes and tattoos were cool. They did seem to be doing a lot of superhuman stuff for no reason. I was like wow, people’s abilities were a lot different in the past. I kind of missed what they were talking about with how the assassins first got created. That might have been interesting to know.

It seemed really shortsighted of the Templars to be keeping all the weapons right there with the ancestors of the assassins. And I had no idea at the end what Marion’s plans were for the apple. I wonder what was going on with the chicken reference in the cafeteria. The scenes where they kept cutting back to Michael in the arm were super annoying and unnecessary.

I did wind up wondering why Michael agreed to do this movie. You would think he could get better stuff these days.

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