Logan was pretty decent. It works well as another chapter in the X-Men series, even if it is a sad one. The relationships between the characters are engaging, and Pierce is a cool villain.

As you know if you read my posts, I like X-Men. And I was probably the only person who liked Origins: Wolverine. I didn’t see the point of The Wolverine before or after I watched it. But I like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Which is probably why I didn’t enjoy seeing him being all old in this one.

Overall it was just a sad movie, with him and Charles being old and dying, and Caliban getting tortured and dying, and the farming family being killed. It really makes it seem like a clean slate to reboot with the kids. I bet all the kids were wondering what the heck Laura was talking about when she was reciting the lines from the movie. She’s pretty smart to have memorized it after only seeing it once. She was a great character, though. I loved her fighting style. She was like such a wild animal. Dafne did a great job portraying that with her face, too.

It was cool that they didn’t have subtitles for the Spanish. But I knew what they were saying, anyway. The way they revealed the stuff about experimenting on the kids was done well. I felt bad for Charles having accidentally killed all those people. But I guess it’s a fair trade if you think of all the people he’s saved over the years.

I knew things weren’t going to go well for the farming family when the son told Laura he’d get his player back from her in the morning. I liked Pierce/Boyd as the villain. I don’t know why the scientist was so obsessed with building human weapons instead of just making robots or something. I also feel like he would’ve had more success training the kids to kill. Just look at African child soldiers.

It was kind of weird that all the kids made it to the waystation without any adults. And that Wolverine was the only cockup who managed to get the bad guys led right to them.


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    1. Yeah...it was a nice movie and all, but I didn't think it was amazing or anything.