Storks is mostly insipid and pointless, but it does have a few funny moments.

I had zero interest in seeing Storks. The trailer made it look like Tulip was really annoying. And it turns out, she was. The whole premise of the movie is silly. And it’s just kind of dumb in general. Although for some reason I thought Pigeon Toady was basically the funniest thing ever. Brah. And I just got the joke of his name now that I see how it’s spelled. That makes so much sense.

And the “wolf pack form of” joke never got old. For some reason it was really touching when they turned into a car seat for the baby. Jasper was super creepy. But he turned out to be helpful in the end. I had no idea that was Danny Trejo. The boss seemed really overly sadistic with those little birds. And I don’t think all those people that wanted babies 18 years ago really want them anymore. They didn’t even look old enough to have wanted babies 18 years ago.

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