Man of Steel

We all know Superman’s story already, so I didn’t really get what the point of watching this was, but it was fine.

I never had any interest in seeing Man of Steel; or in fact, any Superman movies, because I’ve never seen one. And this wound up being another one I was only halfway paying attention to. I like Michael Shannon. He was good in Boardwalk Empire, and he did well playing Zod. Henry Cavill is fun to look at, and that’s pretty much my overall opinion of the movie.

Amy Adams was fine I guess. I thought it was dumb of Kevin Costner to die like that. Clark could’ve just run out and protected him. Nobody would’ve even seen what was going on with all the dust. The Kryptonian technology like the little robotic assistants and the cell pods was cool. The flashbacks to Clark growing up were effective I guess. It kind of feels like a story we already know, though.

I wasn’t that interested in the fights, and some of them seemed to go on for too long, especially the one with Zod. I felt like the movie was already over, and then, oh wait, another fight has to happen. But I guess it was a pretty dynamic moment when Clark killed him. I liked Russell as Jor-El.

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