2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is one of those iconic movies that you kind of have to see whether you want to or not. I can’t exactly say that I enjoyed it, but it did have a couple of cool moments.

I had seen parts of 2001: A Space Odyssey before (who hasn’t?), but I hadn’t ever watched the entire thing, and it seemed like a movie one should have seen, in general.

It starts out weird right from the gate; just a black screen and music forever. And then you have to watch those ridiculous people in monkey suits screeching forever. And then all those weird stilted 70s people. So bizarre how they used to talk back then, totally different from how people act today. I remembered the “open the pod bay doors, Hal” and the part where Hal got decommissioned, which wasn’t *quite* as sad as I remembered it being, although it was still pretty sad. I didn’t know Hal killed four people before he got shut down, though. That was pretty crazy. It was a great image of Frank just flying around like that out there.

And I loved the scene where Frank and Dave were going around in that circle thing. Their bit was definitely my favorite. It reminded me of Silent Running. They should’ve just made an entire movie about that ship. I feel like 2001 would be a good candidate for a remake. All the models are so cheesy. They could make it look real and it would be cool. They should do it.

They completely lost me when Dave went to Jupiter. That acid trip lasted forever. And then he probably had to wait forever to die. And then he turned into a giant Earth-sized baby? What? So weird.

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