The Departed

The Departed is a bit dated, but the acting is good, and I guess it’s interesting enough, if you like that kind of thing.

I had always heard that The Departed was good, but I wasn’t interested in it. Now that I finally got around to seeing it, it seems kind of dated, but I guess that’s what happens when you watch something that’s a decade old.

Frank was a weird guy. I liked seeing Ray Winstone as French. And Leo’s always good to watch. I didn’t get why everybody was so into the psychiatrist. That was a little flat and existed too much for the convenience of the plot, maybe. Mark Wahlberg was good. It was kind of weird when Queenan kept saying “just do this for me,” like Billy would have some kind of bond with him and want to do anything “for him.”

I was surprised when Queenan died. I was pretty much surprised when everyone died. I guess “The Departed” is a good name since everyone except the psychiatrist and Dignam was dead at the end. It’s too bad Kevin Corrigan never came back after the beginning. I like that guy. Although if he had been around at the end he just would’ve gotten shot, anyway.

I wonder if I would’ve liked Infernal Affairs better.

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