Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

There isn't a whole lot more to the plot of Fantastic Beasts than "the guy has to get his creatures back," but I do always like the world of Harry Potter, and it's interesting to see it in a different country, in the '20s, without Harry Potter or any kids at all. It's a pleasant starting point for the series.

Last movie of 2016, in which I saw eight more movies than 2015. Still didn't quite hit my goal of one a week. I'm glad I saw Fantastic Beasts in the theater, although a lot of the CG was slightly off. I wasn't expecting much, and it delivered on that; another one of those where it's pretty much all in the trailer. Newt was a likeable character. He reminded me of The Doctor, probably because of the hair, the blue coat, and being British. All of the characters were likeable, though, especially Queenie and Jacob.

Of course the most interesting part was seeing where Newt kept all the creatures. You could tell he cared a lot about them. It was too bad that they couldn't save Credence, and that Jacob had to forget everything. But I guess it's more interesting if some sad things happen. The movie did look good in general, and all the magic stuff is cool. I like Johnny Depp being brought in. Hopefully we'll see more of him. I wonder what the thing is that people say is setting something up for Voldemort.

I do like the general feel that Rowling brings to the quiet scenes, like when they go to Queenie and Tina's apartment for the first time, and they're eating dinner. There's just something pleasant about them. I liked what Newt said about not worrying because you suffer twice. And the scene where Jacob had to suit up for the rhino creature was funny. I could've done without other people in the theater laughing at things, as usual.

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