Suicide Squad

 Suicide Squad had a lot of promise. I like the world of Batman (especially without Batman in it), a lot of the characters were cool, and there were some funny moments. But the Joker was atrocious, a lot of the dialogue didn't work, the plot started out as nonsense and only got worse, and the editing was a mess.

I've been hearing hype about Suicide Squad for like two years now, starting with the big reveal of Jared Leto's makeup. And let's just start there. What a horrible Joker he was. I don't get what was with the teeth. They looked so awkward. The hair color didn't work at all, the lipstick was crazy. The voice he went with reminded me of Bruce Jenner. We never really got a feel for what his character was about. It was just so random when he killed people, which I guess might be the point, but it didn't work for me. People complained that he wasn't in the movie enough, but I hated all of his scenes, so it was more than enough for me.

I knew going into it that people said the movie was terrible, but I had some hope anyway. I did like the colors of the logo a lot, and the art they did at the end to represent the characters. Harley's outfit was interesting, and I liked her accent. She was a pretty cool character overall, although I was really confused by Dr. Quinzel. She wasn't very believable. Deadshot/Will's performance was interesting I guess.

It really all fell apart with the editing. The way they introduced the characters was atrocious, just one after the other like that. And Slipknot didn't even get an introduction; he just showed up out of nowhere, and then got killed first.

 And then they kept doing random Harley flashbacks that didn't fit, although the one with the motorcycle wasn't in the theatrical version. I wound up watching the extended version (not by choice), and some of the scenes that made it drag weren't in the theatrical version, but I'm sure that one was bad, too. I did pretty much hate all the scenes that shouldn't have been there, though, like the extended versions of the squad planning to escape and the bar scene, and Flag talking to Deadshot about love.

The action scenes weren't that great. I felt like I had seen everything by the time they got in the building, and I was just ready for it to be over. It didn't really make any sense that they would all keep fighting after the bar. They were acting like they were friends that had bonded or something, but I don't think they had gone through enough for that. I kind of dug the Joker's hand tattoo. It's an interesting idea, covering your face or someone else's with your hand, and turning it into a grin.

Harley gave up on the Joker awfully easily when the helicopter crashed. She didn't even go check to see if he was alive or not. I liked the Enchantress in her dark outfit. That looked really cool. I wasn't even sure if it was the same actress as June. But then when she got her heart back she started moving around weird and not talking right and it didn't work at all. It was cool when Diablo turned into the fire god thing. And I liked the Joker's car.

The song choices were fine; they fit the tone of the movie. There were some funny moments, but there was also a lot of dialogue that didn't work at all. And it didn't make any sense that the generals would green light the squad just because the Enchantress was able to get them some intel. It was nice seeing Joel Kinnaman in something again, other than The Killing.

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