The Secret of Kells

The Secret of Kells has an interesting feel to it, but I wasn't into the animation style overall, and the story didn't really go anywhere.

I liked Song of the Sea, so my friend thought I might also like The Secret of Kells, but I didn't think it was as good. The animation was still interesting, although I've always been bothered by those Samurai Jack-style square fingers. And the cat and the wolf had spiky points for feet, which was really weird. And the cat's "X with a circle around it denotes the nose and mouth" bothered me, too. And I didn't like the linework on a lot of people's faces, like how the same line for Aidan's beard turned into his ear. Okay, maybe I really wasn't into the animation on this one.

Aisling was cool for the most part, but her black eyebrows were really weird. It's crazy how "Aisling" is pronounced "Ashlyn." I wonder what was up with the Northmen. It seemed like they just came through and destroyed everything and then left. What was the point of doing that if they weren't going to occupy anything?

I guess there are a couple of messages to this one, like not getting hyperfocused on one thing (building the wall), although he really did think he was doing the best thing he could. And there's probably something in there about not just running away from everything all the time like Aidan did, although it did keep him alive. I'm not sure I really follow the power of the book. I guess it's just a nice book...a pretty book...that can like...inspire people or something? I don't see how it's really going to do anything.

I did like how they were able to show the devastation caused by the Northmen without getting gory with it. Even before they got to Kells, you could definitely pick up on the carnage through the people who escaped.

I was disappointed when it was over because I felt like it never really went anywhere.

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