Len and Company

Len and Company is kind of interesting, but there's nothing profound about it, and it's one of those movies that leaves you wondering what the point of making or watching it was.

The reviews for Len & Company weren't that great, but I wanted to watch it anyway. There was something weird going on with the audio syncing, and you heard the lines with a significant delay after you saw them being spoken, which was really weird. And this was an especially bad movie for that to happen on since it's almost exclusively people talking. It was probably just a DVD/player issue, but it made it difficult to get a handle on the movie.

I was kind of impressed by how Max didn't let anything Len said get to him. He was a bit of a limp dishrag, though. It would've been interesting to hear his music. Len was an interesting character. I liked watching him, although he never really wound up saying anything too profound. I felt bad for Zoe. But I agreed with Len that he doesn't really owe her anything. Isabelle was interesting. I respected that she didn't fall for anything Len was saying, and was just there to support her son.

I couldn't get behind the note that Max left for Zoe at the end. It was pretty silly, and she seemed a lot more excited about it than it made sense for her to be. I liked the quiet scenes, when Len was just driving or making tea. And it was funny when he kept saying "I have to see to the raccoon" as a way to pretend he didn't mind not being asked to lunch. William's dad was funny, too.
Somehow from the trailer I got the impression that Max didn't make music and Zoe was trying to get him to start. Maybe that would've been more interesting.

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