Kill Zone 2

Kill Zone 2 had potential, but the plot is pretty atrocious. It looks okay, though, and some of the action is interesting.

The trailer for Kill Zone 2 made it look interesting (I think half of my reviews start this way). IMDb said the plot wasn't good, but the action was, so I went ahead and saw it. IMDb was accurate. The plot is pretty atrocious, but the action is interesting. Tony Jaa is fun to watch, and Jing Wu was good, too. Some of the dialogue probably came across better in the original language.

I'm really starting to hate breaking windows. I haven't seen it done well in so long. Luckily that wasn't a main feature here. There should have been more action. There were some long stretches without it, and they were terrible. I didn't like how it was mostly realistic action, and every now and then someone would do a wire stunt that stood out like a sore thumb.

I'm not sure how believable it was that Sa was able to communicate "I have leukemia and I'll die unless I find the person who owns this phone" with emojis. 

I wonder how Chatchai kept that chain wrapped around his wrist at the end. I feel like it would've fallen off. But it sure did come in handy when some people just happened to fall off the building. I didn't understand why Sa wanted Chi to give the mask to her dad. And that whole wolf thing was bizarre. I'm just going to assume she was imagining it. I wonder how long it took them to find her. And how they knew where to look. And why no one else found her first. Okay, let's just admit that that part was ridiculous.

I don't think Chi needed to stab himself to get a guard to come to his room. He could've just started convulsing or something. That's what everyone else does, and it always works. The prison warden's look was super cool. And I liked the main villain's look, too. Except he was wearing some pretty hardcore boots with his suit, and I don't know how well they really matched. It's kind of interesting that they didn't do much with the organ trafficking plot. I feel like there could've been more there.

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