Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn't do a lot to advance the plot considering the length of the movie, but it still feels pretty epic in places.

I didn't really know what Star Wars: The Last Jedi was going to be about before I saw it. I guess it's not really about much of anything. It definitely feels like a middle movie. I didn't like the old Star Wars movies, although I don't really remember them, so I should probably watch them again. But I do like the new ones.

This one seemed really "big," like it was a spectacle, and I was glad I saw it at the theater. There were a couple of times when the music went up and you felt the grandiosity of things, and it was nice.

I liked what they did with Kylo and Rey connecting. Kylo really is a lackluster villain, though. He always just seems whiny and weak. The entire First Order seems pretty hackneyed, especially that red-headed general they featured so much this time.

They went really heavy on the animals, with the big donkey horses, and the ice foxes, and the bird things. It just stood out, it didn't really blend well.

I see so much about the actors, I still have trouble seeing them as their characters. I like Benicio del Toro, though. It was cool seeing him. It was pretty epic when the Stormtrooper leader fell into the fire. I feel like they focused too much on Leia because Carrie Fisher was dead. It was obvious that Kylo and Rey were going to break that lightsaber in half.

The red salt thing looked cool, but having the ships need rudders on the ground to function was a pretty cheap gimmick. I'll be interested to see the third one I guess, but it's not like they can end the entire franchise, so I'm not sure how it's going to be satisfying.

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