Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man is a weird movie. It makes a valid point, but the presentation is pretty rudimentary.

Swiss Army Man didn't pique my interest when I saw the trailer for it. I think any reviews I saw about it said it was "okay," which certainly didn't motivate me to see it. When I started watching it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it starred Paul Dano. I remembered that Daniel Radcliffe was in it.

They kind of beat you over the head with the theme that we're really all the same, and we all do embarrassing things that wouldn't be embarrassing if we would stop making people feel bad for doing them. It's a valid idea, but the way in which it was conveyed wasn't terribly entertaining.

Paul carried Daniel around for a lot longer at the beginning when he wasn't really useful for anything than I would have. It's nice that they committed to making his reanimation "real." None of that "maybe he imagined it" ambiguity. I wonder how Paul found Sarah's Instagram. It was kind of weird that he was fantasizing about her even though he knew she was married.

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