John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick 2 doesn’t hold a candle to the original. The action is boring, the plot doesn’t make sense, and it’s all just a setup for the next one.

I didn’t see John Wick in the theater, and when I watched it, I wished I had. So I was determined to see John Wick 2 in the theater (and I did). There were only two other people there, so that was nice. The opening scene was great. I loved the view of New York, even though I had no idea that’s what city it was. And the opening car chase was cool, too. But it was all downhill from there.

The action felt really uninspired. There wasn’t anything interesting about it. I didn’t like all the gunplay, but things didn’t get any more interesting in close combat, either. I kind of liked the couple of times they interwove the timelines and showed three different things happening at once, like when John first got to New York and had to kill so many people.

It’s a weird universe, one that’s so full of assassins. And it was just confusing when Al gave the signal to make everyone at the fountain stop. How was he controlling all those people? What if someone that wasn’t one of his tried to wander in, did they get stopped? Did he have agents keeping people from getting in?

And it really didn’t make any sense that John was trying to kill Santino. Like he said, then he’d just have even more people after him. He should’ve just told the Table that Santino ordered the hit, and they probably would’ve gone after him. Ruby Rose was cool. I would’ve liked to’ve seen more of her.

I didn’t like how they were shooting so many people in crowds. Bullets go through people; they would’ve been indirectly killing and wounding a lot of innocent people. And it was weird when they were firing at each other through the fountain, too, because there again they would’ve been hitting a bunch of random people. And it was strange that there were still people in the subway car with them during the knife fight, but they weren’t reacting at all. Must be a totally common thing that happens on the subway sometimes.

I did like the “Gianna slicing her wrists” scene. That was pretty dramatic. It was nice of them to set her up as a bad guy buy showing that she stole some guy’s land, so we wouldn’t feel bad about her dying. It wasn’t that hard to kill her, though. I think Santino probably could’ve gotten someone else to do it.

The subtitles are kind of interesting, but they’re too flashy. Maybe they’re going for a comic book feel. But I think they should tone them down. I did like that we got to see him kill someone with a pencil. I’m guessing the whole “he killed three people with a pencil at a bar” thing was from the first movie, even though I don’t really remember it. Maybe he killed people with a pencil there, too, and I just don’t remember that, either.

John Wick was great, and this movie didn’t hold a candle to it. I knew as soon as John killed Santino that he was in trouble and it probably wasn’t going to get wrapped up before the movie ended. I don’t like movies that are just a setup for the next one. But I guess it should be interesting to see how he copes without the deus ex of the Continental.

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