Kiki’s Delivery Service

There’s nothing really spectacular about Kiki’s Delivery Service, but it holds up well for something that’s 27 years old, and it’s interesting seeing how everything plays out.

Kiki’s Delivery Service holds up pretty well for a movie that’s old as hell. I didn’t have any idea it was so old when I watched it. It’s weird that they translated the term to “witch.” I guess it makes sense with the broom and the familiar and the black and everything. But it sounded like they were saying something more like “mage.” I feel like there’s probably a more positive term they could have used/could have been using other than “witch.” I’m sure the dialogue as a whole was better in Japanese. It’s always a bit weird in the subtitles.

Kiki’s dress was awfully unattractive. She could’ve at least put a belt on it or something. And it was kind of a dingy black. But I guess it was a hand-me-down. It was funny how much disdain she had for Tombo. She didn’t really look like a 13-year-old. Seemed more like 9 or 10 to me. It was cool that she met so many nice people. She did have a good heart. I question the viability of her delivery service. She kind of sucked at it. But I guess she could get better. She should figure out a way to deal with the weather, though. I wonder if flying will always be her only skill. Kind of a lame duck; all the other witches could do more.

 I liked that there were some harsh moments, like when the granddaughter said she hated the herring pies, and when Tombo waited all that time and she didn’t even talk to him. It was funny when Jiji had to pretend to be a toy. I wonder if Kiki could ever understand him again. I liked that there was a little girl dressed up like Kiki at the end.

Editor's note: she couldn't ever understand Jiji again. It's supposed to represent that they had both matured and while still friends, were leading their own independent lives.

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