Sully is kind of a disaster. It manages to have a few engaging moments, but there’s not much point in watching it.

I knew before I watched it that I wasn’t interested in seeing Sully. There wasn’t any point. Tom Hanks looked really weird with that mustache, and so did Aaron Eckhart.

I guess I kind of liked the drama of “is Sully really mentally sound or not.” It did make you question if he really needed to land the plane like that or if he could’ve gotten back to an airport. I felt bad about the whole situation between him and his wife. I wonder how that turned out. Although they showed the real Sully at the end and he seemed like kind of a jerk. I think Tom Hanks’ version was a lot nicer than the real guy.

They just didn’t have enough material for a 96-minute movie. They kept showing the crash over and over. I love how the signature drink the guy made after him was watered-down vodka. I thought it was weird that at first they didn’t have data on the engine because it was “destroyed,” but then they “found” it and it was super damaged, but couldn’t it have gotten damaged in the landing? It was also dumb that they let the re-enactment pilots practice first, and they didn’t allow for literally any decision time. There wouldn’t be any benefit to them in firing Sully, so I don’t know why they would try to make it look like it was his fault.

I wonder why they can’t just put some kind of grate on the engines that would let air in and keep birds out. It also seemed like maybe Sully would’ve seen the birds if he hadn’t been so busy looking at/commenting on how pretty the Hudson was. There was a ridiculous piano motif that didn’t work it all, and apparently Clint Eastwood wrote it, so that explains that.

Side note: not sure I can ever trust IMDb again after seeing that this has a 7.5/10 rating there. What?

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