Dancer (aptly titled since that’s all the subject is, having no room in his life for anything additional) is pretty sad, but I guess it’s kind of interesting, and at least it ends on a hopeful note.

I read a review for Dancer and checked out Sergei’s “Take Me to Church” performance, which is pretty amazing, and decided the movie might be interesting to watch. It was kind of interesting. And also kind of boring. And also sad.

Basically his parents got him into ballet because they didn’t know how else to give him a good life, but they wound up splitting up the family to do it, and his entire motivation for dancing was to be able to make bring the family back together, but then his parents got divorced and he didn’t have any reason to dance other than he’d been doing it for most of his life, so he kept doing it, and he hated it, and he quit (twice). He seemed to find a balance at the end, just doing it when he wanted to instead of being in such a grueling schedule, so at least it ended on a promising note.

He is a good dancer. Ballet is so restrictive, though. He should experiment with other styles. It is sad that he was forced into being a dancer, though, and didn’t get a chance to develop any other aspect of his life. Which I guess is why the title is so appropriate; “Dancer,” because that’s all there is to him.

I’d be interested to hear what all his tattoos mean. Although if they’re anything like his explanation about “Dirty Money” (“I like the P. Diddy song”), it might not actually be that insightful.

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