Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens really is just like a re-hash of the original Star Wars movies with different actors, and the whole thing is slightly "off," but it was still fun to watch.

I'm not really a Star Wars fan. I made the mistake of watching the first six movies in episode order rather than chronological. Hayden Christensen was terrible. And I didn't get much out of the originals, either. But I kept seeing posts about this one, and I realized you don't get many chances to see a Star Wars movie in the theater, so I went to see it on the big screen.

I'm glad I did; it was worth $3. It's cool that Harrison Ford and everybody is still around to reprise their roles. I don't really see Carrie Fisher as Leia, though; I pretty much just see her as the actress Carrie Fisher. I liked that it felt like a reboot with young actors, although I guess the series in general has been about young people. I didn't recognize Adam Driver at all as Kylo. He looks a lot younger in the movie. BB8 was pretty adorable. His name sounded a little awkward when people said it.

It's kind of good Han's dead; he was looking pretty ragged. Although I never really believe anyone's dead unless we see the funeral. Han dying was probably the only thing that didn't get spoilered for me; I don't know why I didn't try not to look at tumblr posts. I guess I just wasn't planning on seeing the movie anytime in the near future and I figured it wouldn't matter. But I knew Poe wasn't dead because I had seen the scene where he tells Finn to keep his jacket.

I already knew the "the garbage'll do" line, and I had seen the part where Poe tells Kylo it's hard to understand him with the "apparatus," but I didn't realize that was something they actually said in the movie. That was one of those lines that kind of took me out of it and didn't really seem to fit; I think most of Finn's lines were like that. I like Finn, but his character almost seems exaggerated to the point of being exploitative.

Rey's pretty interesting. Her outfit was cool. I don't know where I got the idea that she was supposed to be blind, so I was confused about that for a while. I wonder where she got her accent. I liked that there were a couple of people with different accents, though, like the Scottish guy.

It was all a little too easy how they were able to just blow up the planet. I don't think the Storm Trooper leader would've turned off the shields like that, either. Wouldn't she be willing to die to serve the Order? Maybe the point they're trying to make is that the people in the Order aren't really committed to it and they're all cowards, anyway, like the first guy who ran away when the planet was about to explode.

I like how they kept the same vibe/ambiance from the original series. Kind of like if fans of the movies made a new Star Wars movie. The callback to the cantina scene that they did at Maz's was neat, although there was a little bit too much "we're looking at these creatures for no reason other than, look, creatures."

All of the sand stuff reminded me of Dune. I really liked the imagery of Rey sledding down the hill. She lost a lot of water when she was banging on the bottle to get the last drops out, though. She wouldn't have lasted five seconds on Arrakis. It was an interesting contrast going from the sand planet to Maz's forest planet.

Poe was a cool character. I liked how genuine and unabashed everyone was, and that Rey made mistakes sometimes. She reminded me a lot of Keira Knightley. I am interested to find out who her family is. Maybe Luke is her father.

I liked the scene with the monsters on the ship, and the fact that they brought back the Millennium Falcon, and that Rey was living in an AT-AT. The whole "why does everyone want to go back to Jakku" thing was funny. I think I saw something about Kanjiklub before I saw the movie; that whole name/thing seemed kind of weird to me, but I liked it anyway. Maybe because I was interested to find out what it was about. And now I think it’s pretty funny.

I thought Snoke looked a lot like Gollum, and I see now that that makes sense since it's the same actor. I kind of like the updated "Vader" look. Kylo reminded me a lot of Snape. I'm not 100% behind the voice Driver used. It was pretty hardcore when they killed all the villagers on Jakku, and blew up all those planets. The Order doesn't mess around when it comes to killing people.

There was something a smidge off about the movie in general, but it was still fun. Maybe they'll get the tone dialed in better for the next one.

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