Deadpool as a character isn't entirely my thing, and the voice Reynolds went with was pretty obnoxious. But T.J. Miller was great, the action was cool, and it was funny as a whole.

Congratulations to me for finally seeing a movie from 2016. I hadn't heard great things about Deadpool, and I wasn't expecting to like it that much. I haven't seen much of the comics, so I spent a lot of the movie going, "I wonder if it's like that in the comic." I wasn't a fan of all the "fourth wall" stuff, but maybe because I had heard people praising a lot of it already. The tone as a whole didn't 100% click with me. Maybe more like 70%. It was a little too fast/cocky/self-aware for my taste. 

I don't know what Ryan was doing with that voice - another "is it like this in the comic?" moment - but at first I was pretty sure I was going to hate the entire movie because of it. It didn't seem so bad after we got to see Wade, though; and somehow it was even easier to take after we saw how he became Deadpool. He probably still could've dialed it back a smidge, though.

I did like basically the only fourth wall part that I didn't already know about - the line when Weasel says Wade should go talk to the Recruiter because it might "advance the plot." And I probably would've thought the "Stewart or McAvoy" line was funny if I hadn't heard it already. Another good one wasn't even in the movie - Deadpool says "my stunt guy is about to kick your ass." The whole "fondling Wolverine's balls to get this movie" bit was super cringe-worthy, though, and I didn't know about that part ahead of time, so maybe my theory doesn't hold water.

The pop culture references (like Honey Boo Boo) are kind of interesting, but they're already out of date, and pretty soon they're not going to make sense anymore. I did like the timeline of the movie; starting on "Christmas" when he's planning to finally get Francis, then rewinding and eventually making it there in present-day. It made it more satisfying to see how he got there.

T.J. Miller was probably my favorite part of the movie as a whole. All of his scenes were great. I loved the opening scene that just slowly panned around to all the guys flying around, and the fake credits were halfway funny I guess. My favorite one was the writers, "the real heroes here." It would've been better if it had been less CG and more realistic, though.

The action stuff was cool, with the guns and the swords. Maybe I just don’t like Deadpool's character as a whole, though. A lot of his lines were just annoying, like when he missed Ajax and said "bad Deadpool" and followed it with killing a guy and saying "good Deadpool," or the ridiculous fake "cover the mouth with the hands" shock thing he did all the time. It really bugged me that they used CG so he could do squinty eyes with the mask. His outfit was cool in general, though. and I liked seeing how he started out wearing white. Al was a cool character. The "baby hand" scene was great.

I liked that the scene where we "accidentally" see him masturbating pays off later because he's got the unicorn and lotion and you know what he's about to be up to. The line where Weasel asks what he's going to say to Vanessa - "fuck me!" "maybe don't lead with that" - was probably my favorite. I also liked it when he told Vanessa he lived in a crack house, etc. and she said "so you live in a house." She can totally see through his BS (not that anyone would've taken him seriously).

Ed Skrein was great as the villain. He reminded me so much of Nicholas Hoult that I checked to see if he was in Deadpool as soon as Ajax came on-screen, and even though he wasn't I still spent the entire rest of the movie wondering who else it could possibly be. Ajax's whole "I don't feel pain, I don't feel anything" line doesn't really stick, though. It never does. He obviously felt pissed at Wade. Angel's name makes a lot more sense now that I see it's actually "Angel Dust."

Vanessa was pretty cute. It's kind of silly that he didn't just tell her right away. Maybe call her and give her a heads-up about the face and then do it. Maybe she needed that extra year of not having him around to fully miss him enough not to be bothered by it, though. I'm actually surprised she didn't end up with someone else. Two years is a long time.

It was funny that Deadpool said "big house, it's weird I only ever see you two, guess the studio couldn't afford more X-Men" because I did thing it was strange that Negasonic answered the door. I loved the part with the pizza guy where it looks like he's going to let the other guy take the piece of pizza, and then he just drops it on the floor. The "Captain, just Deadpool" line was good.

The music didn't work all the time, but it was pretty cool. I loved that he was playing Wham! at the end, and I liked the Shoop song that was playing during the end credits, too.

It's one of the few movies with a gag reel that was actually funny. I think Ryan had a lot of fun being Deadpool. It would probably work better for me as a comic than a movie. I would love to see a Deadpool TV series; it wouldn't necessarily need to have Ryan. It would be a lot better than Daredevil and Jessica Jones and whatever else they've got going on.

The fight between Deadpool and Ajax at the end was a little pointless because I felt like Deadpool basically already beat Ajax at the lab (not sure why that was since Ajax ran him through with some rebar and left him for dead, but still) and he actually did beat him on the road. So he'd already proven himself to be the better fighter.

I didn't like that the ending was 100% happy. Bad guy is dead, guy gets the girl. For some reason before I saw the movie I thought Vanessa died and he was avenging her, so I was a little lost when that didn't happen. And then when he was talking to her at the end I kept expecting Ajax or someone to pop back up and kill her. I wasn't surprised Ajax couldn't fix him; I was actually thinking in that scene, when he could've killed him, that he couldn't because he need Ajax to fix him - and then I thought "he probably can't even fix him and he just said that to piss him off," about two seconds before Ajax said that's exactly what it was.

Thinking about sequels, I don't know how much since it makes for Deadpool to have a girlfriend hanging around/to go home to. But in the comics she's also a mutant, so at least that makes sense. Maybe they'll turn her into one.

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