Ghostbusters is a classic. It's probably worth watching just as a point of reference, and it does have its funny moments, but it's pretty simple.

Somehow I've never seen Ghostbusters. I feel like I must have seen it at some point, I just didn't remember it. I'm surprised nobody ever made me watch it. Bill Murray's performance was interesting. I haven't really ever appreciated him in anything, but I heard right before I watched this that he ad libbed a lot of the stuff. He was pretty charismatic. Really the center of the movie.

It had its funny moments, although I never really enjoyed the gag with Louis locking himself out of his apartment. Everything with Louis was kind of sad, actually. I didn't like how Dana had to turn into a sexpot. That seemed weird and kind of sexist. Maybe I've just been reading too many feminist blogs. I did like the subtle jokes, like when they turned on someone's reactor and then backed away from him in the elevator.

It's nice having a context for some of the catch phrases, like "don't cross the streams." I wonder what it would've been like to see the Stay Puft marshmallow man without knowing ahead of time that's what it was going to be. I did like Ray, Egon, and Janine, too.

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