The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight has some interesting characters and scenes, but it's not exactly iconic.

I wasn't interested in The Hateful Eight from the trailer,  and the reviews didn't make it sound like something worth watching. I've never been a fan of Tarantino's dialogue, but it actually wasn't so bad this time. The characters were pretty interesting. I sort of missed about 10 minutes when they first got to the Haberdashery, but it probably wasn't important.

Not just for that reason, but it's one of the few movies I think I'd like to watch again, knowing all the secrets now. Bob's accent was weird. I didn't really buy him as Mexican. The British guy brought a lot of life to things. Domergue was intriguing, too. And you can't go wrong with Walter Goggins.

I liked how it turned into a "whodunnit" with the coffee being poisoned. I didn't think Warren should've written Mannix off as being "not the poisoner" just because it looked like he was about to drink the coffee, though.

It was pretty gross when they got poisoned. I could've done without seeing that. I felt bad for Minnie and everyone getting killed, but it was the most entertaining thing that happened. A lot of things seemed to happen as a surprise though, like Warren punching Domergue out of the coach, and getting shot. I liked Judy. It was a bummer that she died. And I had absolutely no interest in going back in time to find out what happened to Minnie - I was having trouble keeping my eyes open by that point.

I liked the chapter cards as a vehicle to show that you were actually making some progress through the movie, especially the one that said "final chapter." It was kind of grueling watching everybody die at the end. I didn't get why Domergue kept egging John on. I guess maybe she was just used to being able to mouth off to people. It was a pretty cool image when she was covered in his blood, though.

It was an alright way to kill time, but it wasn't exactly iconic.

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