Hope Springs

Hope Springs was an awkward, superficial, romanticized story of two tropes that most definitely was not worth watching.

I can sum up Hope Springs in one word: lemonparty. Ugh. Gross. No one wants to see that stuff. The whole thing was awkward, uncomfortable, boring, and unrealistic. Roeper gave this movie an A; I don't remember why. He really led me astray here, though. I hated Kay for being so submissive; I hated Arnold for being so mean and leaving therapy sessions all the time; and I hated both of them for not communicating, ever.

I guess that was their problem, but it was highly un-entertaining watching them work it out. It seemed like too easy of a fix. Arnold was like, "Oh, you're leaving me if I'm not intimate with you? I guess I will be, then." I was jealous of their expensive house/furnishings, too.

The music was jarring; it never seemed to fit the scene, or the movie as a whole. The "great acting" seems to get called out a lot. I'm really not impressed by two well-known actors managing to act like normal people. I see normal people pretty often, and they're not entertaining. It's really just not much of a movie.

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