Fairhaven wasn't a boring movie, per se, but it winds up going absolutely nowhere.

When I saw Fairhaven, it was time to watch a movie by myself again, and Netflix didn't have any of the movies I wanted to see. I decided to check Hulu and see if they had Silent Running, because I might not've looked for it there last time I was trying to find something to watch. The first screen I went to showed they had Fairhaven. I've wanted to see it for a while, so I was pretty excited about that. I thought I had the green light on it from Roeper, but it occurred to me as I started watching it that I might not've actually seen a review on it, which meant I was watching a movie based solely on the trailer.

This turned out to be a Very Bad Idea. Luckily, I probably would've been in front of the TV for about half the movie, anyway, so I really only lost 45 minutes of my life to it. There were some pretty landscape shots, at least.

It went absolutely nowhere. Dave started and ended the movie as a terrible guy who didn't learn anything. Kate's still in love with him, which sucks for her. Sam met a girl; good for Sam, it doesn't mean she's his soul mate or anything. I'm not entirely sure Jon and Angela are going to work out, either, but I guess if she likes him when he's high and she's not, that's a good sign.

The conversational style was interesting. Some of the writing felt really authentic, but a lot of times the delivery didn't. Chris Messina isn't bad to look at, in a sleazebag kind of way. According to Microsoft Word, sleazebag is a word and soulmate isn't, just FYI.

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