Argo has a few too many added Hollywood components and the best lines are given away in the trailer, but it's still engaging and interesting most of the time.

Argo is one of those movies where all the best lines are in the trailer. The rest of the movie is still interesting, but I wish they hadn't done that. I understand that you want to sell people on the movie, so you want to show them the best stuff, but it would be nice if they could leave some good stuff to be discovered when you watch the movie, too.

The camerawork was good, and there were a lot of good actors doing good work, like Bryan Cranston and John Goodman. I liked that it was a period piece.

I didn't think it needed all the nail-biter moments, like "oh no, their tickets aren't in the computer!" and "oh no, the producer isn't in the office!" They were just really unnecessary. We all know how the movie ends, anyway. It was really brave of Mendez to keep going with the plan even though it wasn't authorized anymore.

The early scenes with the embassy getting taken over were really intense. I thought they did a little too much with the movie stuff. I guess it was interesting, but I didn't want to mess with it at that point. I just wanted to get to the rescue.

It was really disappointing to find out basically nothing after the embassy got taken over actually happened, but I guess it was still a good suspense movie.

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