The Campaign

The best thing about The Campaign is that it's over before you know it. There are a lot of funny parts, but overall it's pretty weak. As a whole, it feels flat and empty

 I love this picture for The Campaign. It's better than the actual movie. I'm not sure what Roeper was thinking giving it an A-. I would've gone with a C-, if I did that sort of a scale. I think most movies that I give a 3 would at least be a B-. In fact, I don't give The Campaign a 3/5; I give it a 3-. A 2.8, maybe. It didn't suck, but some parts of it did. I didn't like it as much as Roeper did.

Will's starting to look old. 

I liked the angle that his das was a hairdresser. “My father worked with his hands, as head stylist for Vidal Sassoon” was a great line. Marty not being able to open doors was a good gag.

I liked the pugs. They were cute. The Motch brothers didn't quite work for me. I didn't like that whole "evil corporation" plot. It seemed really contrived; too fictional, too over-the-top. When the kids were listing off their secrets, I could just see it as an ad lib session that went on forever, and they picked out the stuff they liked the best. I loved the scene when the family got the dirty phone call from Cam.

I didn't ever feel bad for Cam. I imagine we weren't supposed to. Everything bad that happened, he did to himself. It was nice of him to give up the position, if not very believable. I didn't think Mitzi would've slept with Cam, either. It just didn't make sense. Dylan McDermott really didn't work for me as the slick guy, either. He just seemed hollow. He didn't fill out the role.

The movie does go pretty quickly. An hour went by before I knew it. I'm glad I didn't see it in theaters. I like to decide for myself whether things are funny or not, without having someone else laughing at every single joke.

Some of it was funny, and I like the overall concept, but a lot of it was just dumb, and overall it felt flat and empty.

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