Men in Black 3

MIB 3 was entertaining sort of from the perspective of "an episode of MIB," but they didn't have enough plot/ideas to stretch out for a full movie. Josh Brolin does do a great Tommy Lee Jones impression, though.

Someday I'll actually see a movie from 2013. I like MIB. Like every kid in the '90s, I liked the original. I even watched and liked the cartoon. I took a pass on MIB II, since it didn't look interesting and no one seemed to like it. Three got more favorable reviews (okay, Roeper liked it), and I like Josh Brolin, so I gave it a shot.

ETA: According to my records, I actually did see MIB II. I have absolutely no recollection of it, but there you are.

MIB 3 wasn't bad, I guess. It was what you would expect from an MIB movie. Will Smith did his usual Agent J. I did really like Brolin's Tommy Lee Jones impression. It was good. I didn't like Emma Thompson as Agent O. She just looked old. I didn't feel like there were enough interesting aliens. Some gross ones, but not interesting ones.

I remember the pug from the cartoon. I don't remember if he was in the original movie. Agent J had a huge picture of a pug in his apartment, and I thought we would see the real guy, but we didn't. I didn't like how they didn't eat their pie at the end. And what was the thing that made Agent K be so dour? Was it losing J's father? Not being able to pursue a relationship with O? They could've told us.

It was a touching moment to find out how K met J for the first time. It didn't make a whole lot of sense for the Colonel's son to just be in some random vehicle, though. You would think he'd be inside somewhere.

I didn't really like Griffin. I thought it was lame that his favorite moment in human history was a baseball game. Really? All of human history, and there wasn't anything more triumphant than that?

I liked that they had a character be annoying to J, like J is to K. I also like that their names are so short and easy to type. The gadgets were cool. The plot was a little boring. I got bored with the whole thing just being chasing Boris. I think the first 20 minutes or so was fun, and after that, it lost its novelty.

I wonder why they had to kill off Zed? Just to introduce O? Or maybe Zed died in MIB 2. I liked all the 60s stuff, the fashions and the interior decorating and everything. I loved that Boris was wearing the same jacket he got arrested in. I didn't like the scene in the bowling alley. It seemed unnecessarily cruel.
It was fun to go back to that universe I guess, but it was sort of a "meh."

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