Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange looks good and the magic stuff is fun to see, but it’s still a pretty unremarkable movie, and Dr. Strange himself is a jerk.

I didn't know anything about Doctor Strange before I saw this movie, other than his scenes in Thor: Ragnarok. They really set him up in the beginning of the movie as a complete jackass.

He apologizes to Christine later, but I'm not sure he's actually any different. I guess when he was willing to sacrifice himself without getting any glory, that was supposed to show a change. But I feel like he's probably still a jerk.

The humor didn't work at all. The tone was more serious, and it would have been fine without the humor. A lot of the jokes were funny, but they seemed out of place and just didn't fit the tone. Maybe the delivery was off. It was fun seeing the magic stuff. I didn't like that they turned that one guy into a villain at the end, but I guess I can see where he's coming from. They were pretty heavy-handed with the idea that everyone was just doing what they thought was right.

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