The Beaches of Agnes

Beaches of Anges really gives you a feel for who Agnes Varda is. I loved listening to the way she narrates this documentary about her life, and seeing all the fanciful, whimsical images she comes up with.

Beaches of Agnes is basically about Agnes Varda remembering some stuff that happened to her around beaches. I just like Agnes Varda. It's interesting to see the things that she comes up with. They're so fanciful and whimsical. The mirrors at the beach at the beginning are so cool.

She never really matches anything as cool as that with the rest of the movie, but I still liked learning bits about her life. It was pretty crazy that she found headshots of herself and her husband at the flea market. Having everyone pretend to be at an office on the beach in the street is such a weird idea. I liked it, though. And I liked how she was always recording everything. The house made out of film at the end was neat, too.

I liked how inspired she was by the handheld camera, ans the fact that she could record her own hand, and grabbing the trucks on the road. It's cool that she's like a million years old, but she still has this childlike way of seeing the world. I didn't like the parts with the cartoon cat that had a modulated voice, though.

Sometimes it was kind of confusing. I didn't know what I was looking at. Was it one of her old movies, or just old footage, or new footage representing something that happened in the past? She says she has fragments of memories buzzing around her mind like flies, so maybe those parts convey that feeling.

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