A Quiet Place

The concept of A Quiet Place is great, and I'd love to see it executed without the characters constantly making maddeningly thoughtless choices.

I have a lot of problems with A Quiet Place. First, the fact that the family didn't really seem to understand the importance of staying quiet.

I feel like when you're giving birth, you don't *have* to scream. And if you're going to, at least put your arm in your mouth or something. And then wouldn't you gag the baby as soon as it came out? Or at least when you're carrying it around? Or at least hold it facing your body so that it's muffled by *something* when it cries?

I couldn't believe that they only had one noise-making plan in the event that there were monsters in the house. They had a whole year to plan. Why didn't they set up more remotely activated noisemakers? And speaking of planning, why didn't they have a plan for what the kids should do if they got separated? The adults really were not equipped for survival. Hopefully the kids will be smarter about things.

The world obviously figured out that the monsters had super sensitive hearing, with enough time to publish newspapers about it. And no one thought to try to exploit that? They didn't try out a bunch of different frequencies, or super loud noises? And the monsters aren't that hard to kill. Armies couldn't take them out? Tanks, machine guns, anything? It seemed a little too easy that all they had to do was put a mattress over the opening, and the monsters couldn't hear them in the basement.

If the waterfall masks noise, why not create a situation like that at the house? Constantly play music or something. Maybe play it for a while while they're not there so the monsters come to understand that the noise doesn't mean there are any people there, and then they'll leave the house alone.

It was still interesting and suspenseful. And I liked that they got the upper hand at the end. Although it was pretty unrealistic that she had the baby in about an hour. That stuff can take days. I liked the sign language angle, and the fact that it was mostly a quieter movie.

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