Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph has some funny moments, but there’s nothing “extra” to push it past being a standard kids’ movie.

Wreck-It Ralph is another movie I didn’t really have any interest in seeing. I did like Jane Lynch’s character, though. They incorporated a lot of her personality into the animation. It’s kind of a cool concept, like the secret lives of videogame characters.

I liked that they could visit other games. It was funny when Ralph was in Hero’s Duty. I liked the plot developments of Turbo being in Sugar Rush, and Vanellope being its ruler. Her “glitching” kind of seems like cheating, though. And the players wouldn’t have any control of it. And wouldn’t she just win every time?

I liked that Felix and Calhoun got together at the end. I loved that Sour Bill had that lollipop still stuck to him, like a hat. I don’t think Ralph did the wrong thing by destroying Vanellope’s cart. Turbo’s logic was pretty sound. It was kind of creepy when he melded with the bug, though. I liked that the cops were doughnuts, and the devil dogs were funny.

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