Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6 is a fun movie. Some of the fights and cars are cool. It's really clunky at the beginning, though, and the dialogue pretty much always sucks.

I don't know why I keep watching these movies. I guess I just like the premise. Cool cars and Paul Walker, yay? Maybe it's just because I've seen all the others, so I feel compelled to keep up with them. I figured this would be a good one to see in the theater, and that decision was validated right with the opening scene, in beautiful somewhere-or-other Spain. I was also immediately glad I brought ear plugs, since loud engines are the first thing you hear. I was a little confused that the opening title was "Furious 6," but I see now that was the original name for the movie. They probably should've changed the opening title. Just an idea.

The movie was a little slow to get going. It was downright awkward and uncomfortable at first. Brian and Mia's baby was ugly; it had no charisma at all. It didn't make any sense for Mia to immediately just go "sure, Brian, go risk your life looking for Letty. It's fine, I don't care." It just felt weird. The Rock isn't a bad actor, at least for what they need him to do here, but Gina Carano started out stiff and never got any better. The writing in general for the first part of the movie was terrible. I can't remember what line poor Sung had to say, but it was just brutally bad, and his delivery didn't do anything for it, either. I guess I shouldn't expect much from the dialogue in a Fast & Furious movie, but I really think they could've done better.

I wasn't really into the movie at first. It seemed like they were just doing stuff to be doing it; I wasn't connecting with it at all. The first chase sequence with Shaw's guys and the digital override things was cool, though. They could've done some good stuff with the dialogue between Shaw and Dom, but instead it was just totally meaningless. I guess they were setting it up for Statham to be Shaw's brother in the next one. I liked Shaw as a villain. He wasn't bad.

The first fight between Letty and Riley was pretty cool. It was a good move to put one in a light jacket/dark hair and the other in a dark jacket/lighter hair. You could really tell who was who, which is always a problem during fight scenes. It was like two lionesses fighting, with all their hair flying around. Although I guess lionesses don't have manes. The Roman/Han/bad guy fight was good, too, although all the breaking glass really didn't add anything.

It's interesting that Riley had to do all that anti-Shaw stuff to keep up her cover, like attacking Letty and the blond guy with the harpoon gun. I guess it was worth it for the intel she could give Shaw, though. I didn't see it coming. At one point I was like "he's got to have a mole somewhere," but then I forgot about it.

The part where they made the rude guy strip was just embarrassing. I didn't get any enjoyment out of that at all. I thought it was going to be stupid when Brian had to go back to America, but that part was actually interesting. The sequence with the tank was pretty cool. I didn't even mind the stunt when Dom launched into mid-air to intercept Letty.

I liked how they managed to shoehorn in the standard "we're at a race, and there are hot girls" scene. I thought it was dumb that the flag girl said "this is London," though. Probably everybody there knows it's London. Maybe there were a lot of foreign people at the race. I liked the electronic music that was playing when Dom and Letty raced. She should've given him her car afterwards. Isn't it like an unspoken rule that's what you're racing for?

The fight sequence around the plane went on for way too long. That must've been the longest runway ever. Most of The Rock's fight with the big guy wasn't even that interesting. I liked that guy, though. He seemed nice. The stuff with all the cars on the ground was totally not interesting. I didn't think they actually killed Gisele. I kept expecting her to pop back up somewhere. I guess it makes it easier to accept Han's death if you know he's bummed about losing Gisele.

I don't know what was up with that lip at the end of the cargo plane that just appeared out of nowhere and made Shaw launch out of the car. It was pretty satisfying seeing Riley get sucked out of the plane (maybe I was just sick of them fighting by that point), but I thought using the harpoon gun was weird. It was totally dumb that Mia got captured. Couldn't you leave some guys at the house in Spain to protect the family?

It was pretty impressive when they finally brought the plane down, with all that fire and everything. I knew Dom was going to come out of it, but I was like "please don't walk through the fire." Why would you actually do that? I don't think you would. Maybe you'd walk around the fire, or wait for them to come around the other side; someone would be in a vehicle, maybe; or maybe you'd just go back to the terminal. I don't know. But I don't think your first thought would be, "I'll just walk through the fire."

I didn't like how easily Elena let Dom go. It takes away from the ending of the last one. I guess they weren't that serious. I don't like how they played up Letty being Dom's one-and-only, either. I feel like from his perspective, she was really just an accessory. He didn't care about her that much. Maybe he realized how important she was after she was gone. They should've just ended the whole franchise with everyone back at the house. That would've been fine. I'm glad Brian got to go back to America since he wasn't happy in Spain, though. I can see where he was coming from. I don't think I'd want to live in a foreign country, either. I've never really bought Mia as Dom's sister.

It was fun, but they've got to get some better dialogue next time.

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