Tai Chi Hero

Tai Chi Hero made no sense, and it wasn't as visually appealing or original as Tai Chi Zero. Maybe Tai Chi Summit will redeem the series.

I was expecting great things out of Tai Chi Hero. Tai Chi Zero set it up perfectly, and I thought Hero was going to be better than Zero, but it wasn't. It actually made Zero look like a five-star movie in comparison. Hero wasn't as visually appealing or as original as Zero. They took out a lot of the more annoying elements, which was good. But the plot was sparse and it didn't make sense.

I didn't understand Fleming's motivations at all. Why did he even want to help Wimpy in the first place? Maybe he just wanted somebody that was controlled by the East India Company more than the previous guy in that spot was. I didn't like how they ended it with the Prince naming the kung fu "Tai Chi" and that was the whole point of the movie.

It didn’t make sense that just because Lu Chan wanted to destroy the machine, Yu Niang was suddenly in love with him. It did still look good in some places, but that's about all it had going for it. I did kind of like how they have a mechanically-inclined person on their side now with Big Brother. And it was nice that he patched things up with his dad. 

There weren't even any good fights. Probably the only interesting one was between Lu Chan and Big Brother. The grandmaster must've been really bummed for 15 years or whatever that he ran off his eldest son like that. There was a major editing problem after Lu Chan went berserk. Everyone was like "we've got to get rid of this guy," and then they just cut to him training with Yu Niang like normal with no explanation?

I didn't realize this was a trilogy. I guess I'll give the third one a shot. Maybe it can redeem the series.

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