Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

The plot was a little empty, but I tend to enjoy fairy tale movies, and this one was creative enough to be entertaining.

I wasn't expecting much from Hansel & Gretel. Roeper didn't review it. IMDb said it was okay, albeit gory, so I decided I didn't need to see it in the theater. The acting wasn't bad. I haven't been a fan of Jeremy Renner yet, and I've never heard of Gemma Arterton before, although apparently she was in Prince of Persia. It was cool seeing Peter Stormare as the sheriff, though.

I liked how the language was modern. They got to use a lot of curse words since it was rated R, and that worked well. 

There were lots of fun/interesting details, like missing children drawings on milk bottles and Hansel having diabetes. Mina's acting was terrible. I was pretty sure she was going to turn out to be the witch with the red hair, she was so bad.

Speaking of which, they could've done better with the witches. It was cool how they were kind of animalistic/demonic, but in terms of aesthetics, they had a lot of really cool different ones at the end, but the first one in the candy house, and then the three main ones, were all disappointing and weird to look at. The first one was just old and wrinkly, nothing really special there. And the main three mostly just had white faces with weird stuff on them. It didn't work for me. Someone on IMDb said they were a lot like the baddies from Evil Dead. I can see that, and I hated those things, so it makes sense.

They took a lot of liberties with killing people. That added to the "bare bones" feel of the overall plot. It all felt a little empty. The gore wasn't bad, though; it was more comic than gross. Hans Zimmer never stops working. I really liked all the sound effects in the forest, hearing the birds and the frogs and everything. That guy must be raking in the dough. Edward looked pretty good. The eyes were especially lifelike, I guess because there was an actual actor for them.

I don't really like the idea of them going around hunting witches forever. It seems kind of weird/pointless. Maybe I just have a disconnect with the idea of witches existing at all. It was really sad what happened to their parents. Their mom wouldn't hurt humans, but I don't see why she couldn't defend herself somehow. I liked that they came back to the candy house. I feel like they would've known the layout/stuff in it pretty well, and that would give them an advantage over Muriel.

I really liked the scene when Gretel woke up from the dream about their parents. I liked the chemistry they had in that scene, and for some reason I thought it was really funny when Hansel rolled under the bed to make her stop talking to him. In the unrated version, the sheriff kills the mayor. I'm glad we didn't see that; I like it better without it. The gag when Hansel was running and the legless witch brought him down was probably my favorite part of the movie.

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