Wind is a sailboat-racing movie from 1992. The interpersonal stuff in it doesn't really work, and some of the sailing parts go on for a bit too long, but I guess it fits the bill if all you're looking for is a movie about boating.

I hadn't ever heard of Wind. I don't remember seeing any of the actors in anything else. It's kind of a weird movie. It's mostly about sailing, so I guess it's a good movie if you're into that.

Matthew Modine had a weird vibe going on. He was super charismatic, but also kind of creepy.

I didn't really buy that Kate would be going out with Joe. Their relationship didn't seem very authentic. It was odd how easily Morgan gave up and let them give the mast to the Australians. I did kind of like the chemistry between Will and Joe. And it was interesting seeing a bit about sailing.

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