Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok isn't as great as the trailer makes it out to be. The humor is different, but it felt too much like it was from a gag reel instead of an actual movie. Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" is basically the best part of the movie.

I haven't seen either of the first two Thor movies, and I don't really feel like I need to. The trailer for Ragnarok looked cool, probably mostly because they used Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song." That song pretty much made the entire movie, too. At least it's apropos, since it's about Vikings. It's also crazy that it came out *50* years ago.

The movie had a weird sense of humor. You could say it's because the director is from New Zealand, but the writers were American. A lot of the jokes seemed like they were from the gag reel, even the opening one with Thor twisting on the chains. And they kind of overdid it when they kept going with that joke.

The "are you laying eggs" line was another joke that really had that feel to it. Also when the valkyrie was holding a knife up to Thor, and he put it down, so she raised the one in her other hand. It would have been too much if she did it again. Luckily she didn't, but it seemed like something people would do when they were just playing around.

It was distracting that they pronounced Hela as "hella." In mythology her name is just Hel, and she rules over Hel, so I guess it makes sense. Then again, in mythology she's actually Loki's daughter, which would make more sense. Although that would've been a completely different movie.

It was also distracting that all of Odin's children seem to have really dirty hair. I don't know if I really bought that actress as a valkyrie. There was something about her that was too soft. I liked that Scourge finally took the high road and fought against the zombies. Naming the wormhole the "Devil's Anus" was kind of immature. That planet was cool, though. I liked all the colors in the Bifrost. The scene at the end where The Grandmaster suggests they call the revolution a tie was funny.

I liked Doctor Strange's cameo. Maybe I should see Doctor Strange. The plot of the movie didn't 100% hold my interest. It seemed a little hollow at times. And the scene where they destroyed the ships by hand seemed to just be dragging things out. I was confused about if Odin died because of Loki or not. Thor said that he died because Loki stripped him of his magic and stranded him on Earth, but maybe he was just going to die anyway? It *seemed* like it was Loki's fault.

I did like how they slowly revealed who the valkyrie was, and then remembering what happened motivated her to help Thor. It's too bad that Asgard exploded. It was funny that The Grandmaster kept calling him the Lord of Thunder. And the whole "sparkles" thing. And when he was explaining to the revolution guy how his hammer works.

I don't know why Scourge was running to the city. I'm pretty sure there was a vehicle in his pile of "stuff." Other than it *was* funny when he finally showed up and announced Thor.

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