American Made

American Made is about a selfish guy who doesn't have the sense to quit when he's ahead. The camerawork is atrocious, and as with so many other movies, the point of making or watching it escapes me.

American Made is so forgettable that by the next day, I had completely forgotten that I had even seen it, if that tells you anything. I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise. I can't even think of a movie I've seen him in other than Rain Man, and I had to watch that for a class in college. American Made didn't interest me based on the trailer, or, it turns out, the movie, either.

It's understandable how Seal got roped into everything, but he should have gotten out of it a lot sooner. He was just being greedy. He didn't even have a use for all of that money. He should have taken it and moved his family to another country where the government and the Contras wouldn't find them.

And then on top of that, he got killed, leaving his wife and four kids to fend for themselves. They were probably better off though, because it didn't seem like he cared about them in the first place.

I liked the parts that were in Spanish. I knew what they were saying, so that was cool. The camerawork drove me crazy. It's like the movie was shot by a drunk three-year-old. I did like the parts where they cut in width what turned out to be his VHS recordings, though. He must have recorded at least 80 hours, which is crazy.

I guess the flying stuff was interesting. It was really selfish of him to land the plane in that neighborhood. He destroyed a lot of stuff, and he could have killed someone.

I remember a thing about a guy who landed a plane full of cocaine and ran off and was never found. But apparently that wasn't the guy this movie was based on. The real Seal was working with drug traffickers and then cut a deal with the DEA so he wouldn't go to jail, which is pretty mundane. And he didn't even know the leaders of the Medellin cartel.

I guess it does keep you engaged. It wasn't boring. But there's still no point in watching it.

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