Fist Fight

Fist Fight is long, boring, and most significantly for a comedy, not funny.

The trailer for Fist Fight was funny, and I stubbornly insisted on watching it even though most of the reviews were terrible. Strangely, the reviewer on Ebert's website liked it, which everyone in the comments section was rightfully confused about.

My friend nailed the problem without even seeing the movie. As soon as I told him the plot, he said, "that doesn't seem like enough material for a movie," and he was right. The pacing was downright painful. Everything is so unnecessarily drawn out. Charlie Day's voice was really grating. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to be that high. Ice Cube's eyes were like dead inside. There was no emotion whatsoever, and it was super weird.

There were basically no likeable characters in the entire movie, not even Charlie's wife or daughter, which is rough. The characters in general seemed promising, but they just didn't live up to the potential. The music was really abrasive, too. It's like they had this one terrible cue that they just kept using over and over. I did like that one guy's delivery when he said, "I caught a halibut."

The ending was vaguely satisfying, I guess. I liked that Ice Cube won the fight, since that kept it realistic. It was cool that the one teacher finally got to sleep with a student. And I liked that all the teachers got their jobs back, and Charlie seemed like he was going to take more control.

I didn't like the blooper reel. I thought the movie was finally over, and I was not happy to see it keep going.

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