Okja is definitely a touching movie, but the tone was off, and a lot of the characters were like caricatures. I could never quite get into it.

Okja is a weird movie. It’s about a genetically modified “super pig” that looks like a giant hippo. It gets raised by a little girl in the forest for ten years, and then the company that made it wants it back. The characters are super odd. They’re like caricatures. I didn’t particularly enjoy Tilda’s performance as twin sisters – which by the way, is she typecast into only playing twins now? And Jake was super bizarre as the doctor.

I did like Paul Dano. But I always like Paul Dano. I recognized him under the mask, but when he took it off, it was a surprise that he had dyed his hair. I wonder why he was wearing a suit the first time we saw him. The whole “Okja pooping” thing was completely gratuitous. It was pretty touching when they were trying to rescue Okja in general, though. You’d have to be inhuman not to be sad about all those animals in the dark pens, and what happened to Okja.

The “bull in a China shop” scene was so strange. The music they chose for it was so upbeat, it was like a caper, and it didn’t fit at all, even if that is what they were going for. I liked the people in ALF. I loved the character of Frank, Tilda’s assistant, for some reason. He just had everything so together. I liked that they used him at the beginning to show how engineered every part of her speech was.

The “pigs” were really smart. They basically had human-level intelligence, which makes it pretty wrong to eat them.

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