Silent Running

Silent Running is interesting to watch from a "look at this crazy movie from the '70s" standpoint, and the drones are cool, but it doesn't have much value beyond that.

Apparently this was the second time I've seen Silent Running, but I don't remember it at all. It was kind of a weird movie. Lowell wasn't very likeable, and Bruce's acting was uneven. Lowell came off seeming Shining-level crazy. It didn't help that his one scene where he was supposed to show some humanity was completely out of focus (what happened there?).

There were a lot of things that didn't make sense - like why didn't they just keep the plants in domes on Earth? And how did he not know that the plants needed light? The drones were pretty endearing, though. It was a little hard to get behind all the shots of the ships since they were so insanely unrealistic. And I don't think that drone was going to be able to keep the forest going for long at all.

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