Suburban Gothic

Suburban Gothic is pretty much a throw-away. The main character is likeable and interesting, and there are a couple funny scenes, but that can't make up for the vacuity of the plot and the other characters.

The reviews for Suburban Gothic weren’t that great, and I probably should've listened to them and not watched it, but it looked like it could be funny and/or interesting. It had a really weird vibe that didn't quite work, though. Raymond had an intriguing look. I was kind of mystified by the fact that Becca never smiled, which is actually one of the main problems I had with the movie - everyone was so much a caricature, you couldn't take it the slightest bit seriously.

And the scene at the end which was apparently supposed to be so touching fell totally flat. The lady playing the psychic who worked at the museum was probably the worst actress I've ever seen in my life. It was funny how into Raymond she was, though. I kind of liked the thing where the camera would pan across three different scenes. There really wasn't enough here to make a whole movie out of, though.

It was a little too pat that Becca and Raymond wound up together at the end. I don't know that they showed any reason why she would be interested in him. It was just like "the male and female character should be in a relationship." Raymond's speech to the high school girl didn't work at all. I didn’t even expect her to be affected by it.

They kind of invalidated Raymond's talent when everybody could see the supernatural stuff, anyway. And I think most of his patrons will just be crazy people who aren't actually experiencing anything, so they're going to be pretty disappointed when he can't help them. It was also pretty crazy that his dad made a phone call to have him committed, and the cops and an ambulance showed up. I don't think that's how it works.

It had its funny moments, but overall it was a flop. John Waters' cameo was probably my favorite part.

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