A Walk Among the Tombstones

A Walk Among the Tombstones is interesting for the atmosphere. Liam Neeson gives a great performance, most of the side characters are done well, and the setting ties everything together nicely.

I wasn't that into A Walk Among the Tombstones from the trailer, but Roeper kind of got me interested in it. The title's a little clunky, and I'm still not really sure how it relates to the movie. The movie itself is pretty straightforward, but it's interesting. Liam Neeson gives a solid performance.

I liked how we kept coming back to the story of why he stopped drinking, and got a little bit farther with it each time. I didn't really buy Dan Stevens' character. It just didn't seem authentic. Maybe it was his accent. His hairstyle/facial hair reminded me of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. It was interesting finding out the story between him and his brother, though. There's not a lot of action in the movie; it really is a character piece.

I liked how Matt had a recurring theme of cutting people off all the time, especially at the end when Albert was saying "I just wanted --" and Matt didn't even care what he had to say. It's too bad that Kenny died. I knew when they handcuffed Albert to that pole they had better have someone watching him at all times, though. It looked pretty flimsy.

I was kind of confused for at least a third of the movie, because the woman they showed at the beginning was blond, but Kenny's wife had dark hair, and I didn't figure it out until we got into the part about Leila and her guy. The pigeon guy had an interesting way of talking. I don't know why they showed him walking off the ledge in the trailer. It really took all the surprise out of the scene. At least I didn't remember it until he asked if he could feed his pigeons. It would've been terrible if I remembered the first time we saw him.

It was a good PI movie. I liked the ambiance, in terms of the tone, the setting, and the architecture. It probably speaks well of the book it was adapted from that the story was so believable.

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