If you liked RED (which I did), you'll probably like RED 2. They did less with weighty moments and more with comedy this time, which was fine with me. It was a fun ride with a little bit of everything from humor to action and intrigue.

I really liked RED, so I pretty much knew I was going to watch RED 2 as soon as I heard about it. It probably would've been helpful if I had read over a synopsis of RED first, though. I didn't remember much about it. Even so, RED 2 was hilarious right from the start. I was going to give it a 3, but it's so funny, I have to move it up to a 3.5.

I loved the stuff with him and Sarah in the Costco, and how Marvin makes his appearance. You could totally tell he was faking his death, but I guess you're supposed to be able to tell that. I totally forgot Morgan Freeman was in the first one, and that he died. That's sad. It would've been nice to have him in the second one.

I had no idea Bailey was behind the whole thing. That was a great plot twist. Anthony Hopkins did a great job with the role, but when does he not? I loved that they brought back the nerve gas in his shoes, when he escaped from the truck. It was great when he found his pipe on top of the bomb, too. And when he shut the door on them in the cell. I liked that character, but he said "good show" a few too many times. It felt like somebody didn't watch the movie all together to make sure he would say a few different things.

Bruce Willis is getting old. And his nose looked weirder than usual. Mary-Louise had some good facial expressions going on, but she's looking pretty weird these days, too. John Malkovich was perfect. I loved everything he did, especially the expressions. I didn't get that whole "run to emotional safety" thing he kept talking about, though. Something about in a gunfight, you'd run to safety, so Bruce has to run to safety by..doing what exactly? I don't even know what he wanted him to do.

They lost me a little bit with all the jetsetting. It was cool at first, but then I just didn't care anymore. I did enjoy the tension in the Kremlin, though. There's some griping on IMDb about the editing/cuts, and I have to agree, especially during the fight scenes. Han did a cool helicopter thing to get up off the ground at one point, and we didn't even get to see it. We saw the start, and then it cut.

Helen Mirren is a good actress and all, but she's soo old. I'm glad I didn't see this in the theater, or I would've just died. I liked that they brought back stuff with her and Ivan. I didn't remember about them until he was with her while she was shooting people.

The costume department did a good job. All their clothes looked right. I liked the ruffled dress Sarah had. She looked pretty silly in her "fancy" clothes that she bought, though.

The stuff with Sarah and The Frog was so awkward, but it was supposed to be, so that was okay. I liked that she kept making out with all these guys. Catherine Zeta-Jones was okay. I didn't buy her as Russian. I think she got out-acted by a lot of other people in the movie. It was sad when she died, though. She did ultimately help them out, after all. I liked that Han turned out to be a reasonable guy, too. I'm glad he was in the movie. His martial arts stuff was great to watch.

The opening action sequence with Bruce in the storage area was great. The car chase with Sarah had some funny moments, but mostly it was just embarrassing. I felt like she shouldn't be trying so hard to be an agent. It's dangerous stuff. I didn't really like how many people they were killing left and right, either. Lots of them weren't "bad" people, they were just doing their jobs. I guess you just have to go with it, though.

This movie had a little bit of everything. Action, comedy, romance, plot twists, you name it. It's total fluff, but it worked; it was a fun ride. I say bring on RED 3.

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