Faces Places

Faces Places is an enchanting French documentary about the beauty of life and everyday people. It's not exactly thrilling, but it's worth seeing.

I've seen 13 documentaries, and Faces Places is only the third that's gotten at least 3/5. So you could practically call it a 5, relatively speaking. I like the idea of it. Agnes and JR are such an unlikely couple. I like the way the narrative is laid out, starting with how they met each other first through their art. I liked the narration of them reminiscing about their travels.

It was cool getting to see different people and places in France. The pictures looked neat on the buildings and things, too. Kind of reminded me of Banksy's work. The score was great. It turns out Agnes was very involved in making it. She also did the editing. So in a lot of ways, it was really her movie. 

I liked the lady who lets the goats keep their horns. It was rude of Jean-Luc not to let them in. But it made for a good ending to the story, something different from the rest of the movie.

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