Blade Runner 2049

The entire atmosphere of Blade Runner 2049 isn't my thing, a lot of the musical cues are totally off, and there are some really annoying scenes where you know exactly what's going to happen.

I didn't like the original Blade Runner, but it's been about a decade since I've seen it, so I don't remember why. I did give it a 3/5, so I guess I didn't hate it.

Blade Runner 2049 was okay. It was kind of long and boring. I wasn't really interested in it. I had a problem with the first half, because with most AI movies, there's a moral dilemma. But with this one it was so cut and dry. The replicants are humans, so we don't have the right to kill them, end of story.

I didn't agree with Wallace's "we should breed millions of them so we can take over the universe" theory, but obviously you're not supposed to. That character was really one note, though. It's better if the villain has some dimension.

I was interested to see what was going on in the ship when Love went back to Deckard. It seemed like she was looking at him like she was in love with him or something, and was about to go kiss him when she got interrupted by K. I wanted to see what was going to happen there. I did really like that scene in the ocean. The part where they were fighting on the beach was kind of silly.

It didn't seem like such a major lost that Joi got destroyed. I get that he loved her, but she really was just a machine. He could buy a new one and she'd be exactly the same as when he bought the first one, only probably even better. She wouldn't have any memories of him, but it would kind of just be like if your wife forgot who you were or something. You could start over, it's not like she'd actually be dead.

Speaking of being dead, I didn't mind that they left it ambiguous whether K was alive or not at the end.

The scene where he finds the wooden horse was probably the most annoying and any movie ever. They were trying to make it so dramatic, and they were going so slow with it. It was ridiculous. Just by the fact that the orphanage existed and looked exactly like he remembered, you knew that the horse was going to be there. Sure, have a scene where he finds it, but don't try to make it all suspenseful like "oh my gosh, will it be there?" when we all know it's there.

And they made it so obvious that that wasn't even his memory, to too, when Deckard's daughter said "yeah, *someone* lived that memory." They should have aged the new Rachel. Of course Deckard didn't go for it. It would just be weird having her be that young.

The movie as a whole did look good. But I didn't like a lot of the musical cues. They were just off. They were trying to make it suspenseful in places where it wasn't, and the music was really torpid. Even the part with all the tables when K first got approached by the prostitute didn't seem that cool to me. The whole atmosphere of the movie just wasn't my thing.

The ending wasn't satisfying at all. I wanted to see them go meet up with the resistance or something. It just didn't feel like it was over at the point where they ended it.

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