Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy has its moments, but the plot is uninspired, the dialogue doesn't always work, and something about the way the character design is executed makes it look like everyone is just playing dress-up.

Everybody said Guardians of the Galaxy was good, but I didn't see the point, and I kind of feel the same way now that I've seen it. It was okay. I always have a rough time with different-colored people (like pink, green, or blue) for some reason. They just don't seem natural. Maybe because they're weird colors. So I was kind of turned off by Zoe being green, and I never got past that or the other weird-colored people.

I forgot that Rocket was Bradley Cooper. I knew he was "somebody," but I couldn't remember who, and I didn't recognize his voice. I saw Vin Diesel's name in the opening credits, and I spent about a third of the movie looking at Drax and going, "I don't think that's Vin Diesel." I had no idea that Nebula was Amy from Doctor Who, so I guess she did a good job with that. All of the makeup was so crazy and over the top, it just looked like everyone was playing dress-up.

I'm glad I didn't see it in a theater. People would've been laughing so much and ruining everything. Yondu's arrow weapon thing was cool. I'd be interested to know more about how it works. The Ravagers didn't seem very scary. Everybody acted like they were intimidated by them or something, but then they all had this "comedic/stupid" thing going on, so it was confusing.

A lot of the dialogue didn't seem natural. I don't know if it was Zoe or what she had to work with, but her character was really flat/never quite believable. Chris Pratt always seems to be playing the same guy, so that worked fine. I did like Rocket and Groot. I think you'd have to have serious issues to not like Groot. And I loved how he was pulling out the battery just as Rocket said "we'll want to make sure we do that last."

I didn't get why the Corps was the best place for the stone. They seemed really helpless. Ronan's ship wasn't magical or powered by the stone or anything, and it annihilated their defenses, so how are they going to protect the stone against other people who want it? And they were talking about how he was killing all their people and stuff before he even had the stone.

I liked the new baby Groot. I wonder how Rocket knew that particular piece would grow. Maybe all the pieces would have. I wonder if it's just a form of Groot growing back or if it will be a different person.

Bringing the classic music in was interesting. It was almost just in the background most of the time. It didn't seem like it got a feature that often. It was kind of weird that Ronan stopped when Quill started dancing. I had to question whether he really would've stopped or not. I did like Gamora's action scenes, and all the gadgets that Quill used. His helmet looked bizarrely "uncool," though.

It's not that great, but I do have a soft spot for these quirky action/space-type movies.

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