Mad Max: Fury Road

You know from the trailer exactly what you're getting with Mad Max: Fury Road. The action isn't that spectacular, but the world of Mad Max is always interesting, I liked the characters/actors, and the plot was fine.

I have a lot of nostalgia for the original Mad Max series, from forever ago. I'm pretty sure I watched it about 15 years ago and didn't like it. But I don't remember that anymore, so it's basically just back to the nostalgia. I didn't see the point in watching Fury Road. It didn't seem like the movie was necessary, or anything that was going to be that great. I do like Tom Hardy, but I'm not a huge fan of Charlize, and "Furiosa" is the dumbest name ever. I guess it *might* kind of fit in with the Mad Max univerise, though.

The opening of the movie is pretty cool. It's hard not to get behind Max's narration. I did like the look of the war boys. And the canyon people's outfits were cool, too. I thought Nux looked like Nicholas Hoult. I keep confusing other people for him, but I was like, "No, this time that really *has* to be him." Some of the car stuff was cool I guess. I wasn't super impressed with it, or the guitar player, although I did like the war drums. I could've done without the sped-up footage effect.

The early scene with Max trying to escape was cool. As usual I liked the lingo, like the idea of referring to Max as a bloodbag. I wonder if the warlord made his wives dye their hair. It was a little too coincidental that there was one with red hair, one with black, and one with white. I guess he could've picked them out specifically for their hair color. But the red hair certainly didn't look natural.

I liked that Max said you'll go insane if you think that everything can be fixed, referring to the fact that he's haunted by people he didn't save. He's a simple guy with a simple story, but it works. I didn't get what Furiosa meant when she said she had done "this" many times. Obviously she hadn't been successful in leaving or they wouldn't let her keep coming back. And even if she had tried to run away before I don't think they'd let her keep going out.

It was really interesting aesthetically, if nothing else. Nux was a good character. I like that he went over to their side. The whole "witness me" ritual was interesting. Basically it was a Mad Max movie, but that's not a bad thing.

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