Some cool stuff happens in Interstellar, but I didn't find it to be that engaging.

A lot of people seem to be into Intestellar. And Christopher Nolan. I don't know how I feel about him. I liked Inception at least. The plot of Interstellar didn't seem interesting to me when I saw the trailer. I was super distracted when I watched the movie, and it wasn't engaging enough to pull me in. Some cool stuff happens, but overall it's still just your basic plot of "the world is dying, this guy is humanity's last hope," which I'm apparently not into.

McConaughey did a good job with the role. Cooper was definitely more believable as an astronaut than a father. I thought it was weird he didn't tell his son that he loved him. Just because he's not pitching a fit doesn't mean you shouldn't tell him. I liked how they brought everything around so that he was her ghost and humanity saved itself. Better not to think about the paradox I guess.

I remember people saying they make up a bunch of science stuff that doesn't make any sense and you just have to go with it, and that was definitely true, like the whole "the only thing that can move across dimensions, like time, is gravity" thing. I don't think Brand's "I'm in love with Edmonds so we should go to his planet" argument really held water.

I didn't understand why the guy was just standing around outside the ship on the water planet, until he died. He could've gotten in at any time. I didn't even realized he had died until 20 minutes later, because I was like "surely he got in."

It was pretty obvious something was up with Mann. It was an entertaining surprise when Romilly got blown up. And I thought the robot had gotten destroyed, too, so it was cool when it hadn't. Kind of like in Silent Running, the robots were probably the best part of the movie. Jessica and Mackenzie did a good job of making themselves seem like the same character. It was nice to seen John Lithgow not playing a villian.

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