The Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods is kind of interesting. I like the premise, and parts of it are cool, but the ending feels like a cop-out.

When my friend said he wanted to watch this, I thought it was Cabin Fever, and I was like, "Why would I want to watch that?" But it turns out it wasn't. I do vaguely remember that people liked The Cabin in the Woods, but it wasn't ever anything I wanted to see. The first thing I noticed was that Kristen Connolly's hair looked super weird. And I had to look up where I knew her from (it turned out to be House of Cards).

I was really not into the whole "teens going to a cabin" vibe at first, but seeing the guys behind it all helped. And I like Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford. Trying to figure out why exactly they were killing people kept me interested. Amy Acker and Tom Lenk felt like they were there just because they were part of the Buffyverse. Marty reminded me a lot of Shaggy from Scooby Doo. He wasn't a very good choice for the fool; he wasn't foolish at all. All of the rules seemed really weird to me. I had a hard time wrapping my head around it.

Like, you can sacrifice people, but you have to give them a chance to escape, but they don't *really* have a chance because if the barrier, but they could kill the monsters, but you drug them so they have less of a chance? Is all of that just to make them feel better about killing people? I guess it's just the Americans that follow the whole rule of the five, since Japan used a whole classroom of children. I feel like if the ancient gods wanted a sacrifice, all the people working at the facility who died should've been sufficient.

I don't know how Dana survived the bear trap guy at the end. He looked like he had the better of her several times. I wonder how they created all the "nightmares"? It was funny that Hadley got killed by a merman, and it was cool seeing all the carnage when the nightmares got loose. It seemed like a really bad idea to keep them all in the same facility. Some of the dialogue was pretty good. I liked that Marty attacked one of the Buckners with his collapsible bong.

All the dirt and coloring they put on his skin for the last scene was interesting. It made him look like a zombie. It seemed like a total cop-out that they let the word get destroyed, like the writers couldn't figure out any way to save it. It only took them three days to write the script, so maybe that was the problem.
I feel like killing one person would be worth saving the world. I wonder how often they had to make the sacrifice. The whole "ancient ones" thing seemed like a Lovecraft reference, so it was pretty disappointing when they showed part of one of them and it was just a giant human hand.

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