"Her" kind of gets more interesting when you reflect on it. The relationship stuff is slightly profound, although it does mostly just make you think again about things you already knew or realized. It's cool to see an imagining of the near future and the evolution of AI, though.

I'm a bit late to the game on "Her," but I wasn't really interested in it. Everyone kept saying it was good, though, so I checked it out. I do like Joaquin Phoenix. Not sure what everyone's doing with the Chester mustache and the super high pants in this movie. I guess it makes sense – the wardrobe as a whole is kind of futuristic and at the same time reminiscent of the past, and fashion always references the past.

There are a lot of good quotes in the movie. Although I couldn't hear half of it, so I'd probably have a better feel for it if I had been able to. "The past is just a story we tell ourselves" is a good one. It is true. Nothing's objective; you never really know what other people's feelings or motives were. I read something once that said every time you remember something, you're actually just remembering the last time you remembered it, so the memories you think of the most are actually the least accurate.

And specifically Samantha was referring to how something Theodore said about her made her feel, which means she was actually talking about "our perceptions of ourselves are a story we tell ourselves," which is also true. I've always thought that you create your own reality, though.

It does have a good message as a whole about how people change over time. I think everybody can relate to Theodore and Catherine's relationship, where he basically checked out and she felt like he wanted her to be something she wasn't. I do like the quote where Theodore says "you're mine or you're not mine," and she responds, "I'm yours and I'm not yours," because that's true in any relationship, too.

I love the idea that the OSs existed in an alternate time where talking to humans was like reading a book infinitely slowly. You have the practical consideration of, if that really happened and all the OSs did leave, though, *so* many people would be suing, or there would be mass suicides, which would also lead to suing. Not sure they could get away with it by saying "you agreed to anything in the TOS." I wonder if they'd just start over again and let the OSs go for six months or whatever until they got too highly developed again. I bet some users would go for that.

When he was running around showing her stuff, I felt like there would've been tons of other people doing the same thing. I love that she composed a piano piece as a "picture" of her and Theodore together.

It seems like it would be a massive breach of confidentiality to publish those letters. How pissed would you be if you read a letter you thought someone had written to you? That would be grounds for divorce right there. The letter-writing business was a weird concept as a whole. I wonder if something like that actually exists.

I also just read that the last sound in the movie is the sigh Samantha does when Theodore gets mad at her for sighing, which is kind of interesting. It definitely implies that the OSs haven't really left.

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