Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service looks good, aside from the weird jumpy camera style they went with for a few of the fight scenes. There are some interesting ideas, but Eggsy's protégé character is totally one-note, and I would've liked it better if it had less immature violence and more parkour. 

I don't have many thoughts on Kingsman: The Secret Service that don't involve spoilers. It had just the right amount of "gadgets" to keep things interesting without being gimmicky. I was disappointed the parkour scene wasn't longer; they should've done more of that. And I hated the weird jumpy camera style of the fight scenes.

Samuel Jackson's speech impediment was just strange, although it was good for a laugh (if only an internal one) when he said that British people talk funny. I would've liked some more background on his character. I wonder how he got together with his assistant, and why she was so loyal to him? He knew she would be loyal enough that she didn't even have an implant, which seems pretty extreme. His choice of hats was weird, too. I liked that he fell for it, going to get a hat from Lock & Co. that was bugged. It was realistic. You wouldn't be able to catch everything, and it went both ways, because Harry didn't catch the tracking device in his drink, either.

Eggsy was a little one-note. He always did the right thing, 100% of the time. It speaks to the immaturity of the writers, which came out again with all the scenes of people attacking each other because of Valentine's signal, and with the heads of all the leaders blowing up in fireworks. It was just gratuitous. It was interesting to see Harry totally let loose in the church, but even that scene lost its novelty pretty quickly. I was surprised that they killed him that early or at all, although it conveniently opened a second spot for Eggsy. I felt like anyone was fair game at that point.

I'm not the best at picking up on things, but I knew everyone had a parachute, and I knew Eggsy switched the glasses on Arthur. I like it better when things aren't so obvious. I didn't get the McDonald's thing, and they brought it up earlier in the movie, too, so I guess McDonald's was a sponsor. 

I liked how they interspersed Eggsy's training storyline with what was going on with Harry. It was interesting that no one seemed to work for the service other than Arthur, Merlin, and I guess the tailor in the shop. I was glad they didn't actually end the movie with Eggsy and the princess. That would've been a terrible ending.

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